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A Leg to Stand On: Our Rental Department

          Sunbelt Material Handling prides itself on being a multi-faceted forklift dealership. They choose to be a part of every aspect of the forklift industry and provide exceptional service, support and information to their clients. From the entire Sunbelt body, the Rental department is a leg to stand on. This department in and of itself represents the virtues of the entire company. As each part of the body has a meaningful function, Rentals is a foundation of support for the Territory and Customer Service and Support (CSS) Managers, as well as our Service Department. They work closely in meeting the material handling needs of Sunbelt’s existing and prospective clients. The success of the Rental department would not be possible without the attention to detail and diligence of Matt Ritchey, Rental Manager.

Matt Ritchey- Rental Manager

Matt Ritchey, Rental Manager, is from Sherman, Texas and enjoys the great outdoors.

          Matt Ritchey was born and raised in Sherman, Texas a true countryman. He enjoys hunting year-round and most things involving the great outdoors. Ritchey attended Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas and would become a Mustang alumnus in 2011 with a degree in Political Science. Following his academic endeavors, Matt joined the Sunbelt team on January 7, 2013. During his tenure, Matt has served as a Used Equipment Manager and the past three as the Rental Manager. He is steadfast and diligent with his work which has resulted in many career opportunities for him. In an interview, Ritchey was asked how he would like to be known by his business partners. His response, “Above all else, I want to be more than a dollar value or amount. I want to be known as reliable in helping find solutions!” He would continue by adding, “Go above what is expected of you in all you do.” Matt’s leadership through action generates a positive work environment and, just as importantly, positive energy that every department taps into to achieve a higher synergistic effect. Ritchey, partnered with other departments, creates a support structure unrivaled in the Texas forklift industry!

          Thanks to Matt’s leadership and work ethic the Rental department has distinctive capabilities that are unmatched. The Sunbelt way of doing business ensures a client first mentality. Rental plays a support role by providing forklift equipment to clients in day-to-day activities and other various situations. One program in place is to provide a client with a rental unit in the event their forklift needs an in-shop service repair. This capability was developed to decrease the downtime experienced by clients and provide an economic solution in costly emergency situations. Many of Sunbelt’s most loyal clients have used this tool to take care of instances where immediate action was required.

          Another capability Sunbelt Material Handling prides itself in is creating long-term relationships through short-term rentals. By working closely with Matt Ritchey, our Transportation Department ensures that a short-term rental will be a pleasant experience. Ritchey expounded on the overall mission of his department, “We want to establish a returning client base because we consistently and reliably meet and exceed their needs.” The forklift weight capacities that Sunbelt Material Handling currently carries in their rental fleet ranges from 3,500 to 30,000-pound capacities. With the large and ranging capabilities of the fleet, Sunbelt is dependable in handling any material handling need, regardless of whether it needs to be an electric, liquid propane or diesel powered forklift.

Forklift Rentals

          The success of the Rental department is based in the economic advantage of renting versus purchasing and vice versa. Depending on the situation, many clients may find it more beneficial to rent rather than purchase. This is where the ability for Territory and Rental Managers to effectively communicate and identify client needs is an integral part to the company’s success. There are many factors that could go into deciding which option is best for a client. “I have had experiences where a client may have asked for precisely what they thought they needed. But upon further conversation, we were able to point them in a direction that was more advantageous to them in the long-run” said Ritchey. He would continue to say, “My greatest tools are a friendly, positive attitude and respectful demeanor that allow me to ask a question that may lead to the best solution.”

          As every part of the human body is, equally does every part of the Sunbelt team contribute to the overall success. Sunbelt Material Handling’ Rental department takes great strides to mutually benefit all other departments, but more importantly, to become a valued business partner to all clients. Whether it is a short-term rental or long-term investments, you can count on the best forklift service provider in Texas! Count on Sunbelt past, present and future!