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A Maroon Bleeding Success Story

Success comes from many different regions, backgrounds and upbringings. For Sunbelt Material Handling, success stems all the way from the windy city of Chicago down to the gulf coast of Texas. This diverse group of individuals is crucial to the dynamic and competitive nature of the forklift industry. Each member of the different departments is valuable and creates an exponential synergistic effect for the company. To recognize their hard work and dedication to the Sunbelt goal, an employee focus update is going to be written to highlight many achievements since becoming a part of our team. The first focus shifts to Houston, Texas and the Houston branch’s Territory Management team.

Jeremy Breed- Houston Territory Manager

Jeremy Breed- Houston Territory Manager

Jeremy Breed reigns from his hometown of Angleton, Texas. Angleton is south of Houston by approximately an hour and fifteen minutes. Jeremy is a proud member of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of ’09. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the Dwight Look College of Engineering for Industrial Distribution with honors. Breed returned to the Houston area the week after graduation to begin working on the Sunbelt team. He has had a five-year tenure with Sunbelt Material Handling with two years of previous material handling experience. During all five years, Jeremy has been a part of the Territory Manager team. Jeremy was asked about his outlook on his career and he responded, “My job is to cultivate my territory by building strong and long-lasting business relationships and this is accomplished by being a diligent and hard worker who is available to clients.” He would go on to use a quote from Henry Ford to inform his clients about himself saying, “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

During the interview process, Jeremy was asked about what he believed has made him a successful Territory Manager. Breed alluded to many different areas but he believes the start came at Texas A&M University. As mentioned earlier, he graduated with a degree in Industrial Distribution with honors. “The ID (Industrial Distribution) program has prepared me for industrial sales by a majority of the core curriculum courses,” Breed said. This program was established and prides itself in having professors and staff that have industry experience and a background in personal development. Students in ID receive instruction in sales, supply chain management, purchasing and logistics. When asked how else the program helped in his career preparation, Breed responded:

“The sales engineeriJeremy Breedng class comes to mind first and is the most prominent. The purchasing class helped me understand how many purchasing agents we do business with operate as well. Even the non-metals class helped me understand some of the materials our customers deal with.   The supply chain management courses helped in understanding the different CRM systems and processes used in our industry. When setting out a warehouse or racking system, some of the principles of industrial engineering are used as well.”


Since joining the Sunbelt team back in 2009, Jeremy Breed has shown excellent, ethical and enduring leadership/mentorship. His leadership could be measured monetarily in gross sales exceeding $1 million annually the past four years, but more importantly the effect he has on the other team members around him. Due to the company being an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP), when one member succeeds or excels it is a benefit for the entire team. But, Jeremy focuses on the team’s success before his own. His outlook is to sharpen his skills so that he may help sharpen the skills of those around him. When asked, how do you work to become a valued business partner, Breed responded, “First and foremost, it is my duty to myself and the company to do my best every day. Then, to support those around me and not hinder others from doing their best.”

Jeremy Breed is an exemplary example of the culture at Sunbelt Material Handling; to provide value-based solutions to all clients’ needs. All members of the Sunbelt team realize the key to success is continuing to strive for their goals and a willingness to learn. Providing excellent customer service and support is what Sunbelt does best.