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4 Tips For Buying A Used Forklift Around the Dallas Area

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing a used forklift – if you do it correctly. Don’t be a sucker and fall prey to dealers looking for fast money. Instead, do your homework so you’re prepared to buy the best-used forklift for your company. Forklift Cost Let’s be honest: this is the number one factor in… Read more »

Local Forklift Parts & Service Matter!

There aren’t many car services that are more appreciated that roadside assistance. Think about it: if you break down, how can you get your vehicle to a shop to get it fixed? Towing costs are expensive, and you don’t dare drive. What about house call doctors? They let you stay in the comfort of your… Read more »

When Do You Need Forklift Service? 5 Tips!

Forklifts and industrial lift trucks are powerful machines that bring productivity and efficiency to any warehouse or facility. They simply achieve tasks that humans alone cannot perform. As a result, warehouse managers and facility owners must take great care of their forklifts. Forklifts should be treated as any other investment – you don’t waste money… Read more »