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Forklift Services and Sales

Forklift Services in McKinney, TX

If you are located in the McKinney area, we certainly can provide you forklift services. We have a fleet of forklifts for sale and rent. With our certified forklift technicians traveling to McKinney on a weekly basis to provide forklift maintenance, repairs, and deliveries, we are certain we can provide you with forklift service in the McKinney area too. 

Randy appreciates the new forklifts they purchase and the equipment servicing that we provide along with it. 

“Sunbelt Material Handling has taken care of my every need from purchasing new equipment to servicing existing equipment for more than twenty years. I know I’m not their only customer, but, when I need something they make me feel like I’m their only customer. Other companies come in and talk about customer service, but, nobody has come close to providing the level or service I get from Sunbelt.” – Randy W., Fort Worth Roofing Supply