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Heavy Equipment & Forklift Rentals from Sunbelt Material Handling

Renting a forklift is a huge decision. These are heavy pieces of machinery that can accomplish the tasks of dozens of workers in just seconds. Forklift rentals must be treated appropriately as they are costly heavy equipment. See if renting a forklift is right for you!

Forklift Rental Process at Sunbelt

We understand that certain projects and certain budgets require your company to rent a forklift rather than purchase one. And that’s completely fine! That’s why we try to make it as easy as possible to explore heavy equipment and forklift rentals with Sunbelt Material Handling. UniCarriers QX 4-Wheel Forklift for Sale or Rent

First off, we stand behind a guarantee that all of our forklift rentals meet all safety and OSHA standards. Whether you’re renting for a few hours or an entire month, any equipment rental from Sunbelt will be fully functional and extremely safe to use. Forklift safety is our top priority and we will never compromise your employees or inventory.

Our team will help you decide which forklift rental is perfect for your job. They are industry experts – being forklift certified – who have experience with every piece of heavy equipment we own. Whether you need a forklift indoors or out, to carry 200 pounds or 2,000 pounds, Sunbelt is sure to give you the best possible forklift rental.

Sunbelt also will deliver your rental directly to your facility. We guarantee an on-time delivery because we know you’re renting to get a job done quickly. Depending on the length of time you need a forklift, Sunbelt also provides regular maintenance to our equipment. This ensures the safety and productivity of any equipment rental.

Forklift Rentals in Texas

There’s a reason Sunbelt has become the industry leader when it comes to forklift rentals in Texas, specifically the northeast region. Our centralized Dallas location gives us perfect access to the Fort Worth area. This allows us to provide equipment rentals from Sherman to Arlington, Belton to Irving, and beyond.

Benefits of Renting a Forklift

There are many benefits of renting a forklift from Sunbelt. The most obvious is cost. If your company only needs a forklift once a year or so, it makes financial sense to rent rather than purchase a new forklift. Plus, forklift rentals require little to no maintenance fees while owning a forklift can lead to costly repairs. With no requirements on rental time, you only pay for the equipment rental for the time you need it!

Another great benefit of renting a forklift is the ability to test out the equipment before buying. If your forklift operators are satisfied with the equipment (think handling, comfort, productivity, etc…) then you can make an easier decision to purchase or not.

Forklift rentals also don’t use up valuable warehouse and storage space when they’re not in use. No matter your facility, who can really afford to waste space on something they rarely use? Plus, you can choose different models of forklifts for different jobs. The flexibility that renting presents, at an affordable price, is sometimes a better option than purchasing.

If you have any questions about forklift rentals in Texas or would like more information, please contact Sunbelt today! You (and your budget) will be happy you did!