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July Forklift Operator Training

Available at your location and our facility

July Dallas Forklift Training


July 12, 2019 – Friday afternoon from 12:00 to 4:30 P.M.

What’s worse than this Texas heat? Getting fined $7,000 because your forklift operators aren’t certified and don’t comply with OSHA regulations. Register for our Forklift Operator Training Certification course by calling (817) 781-8868. Our highly skilled team has experience with all makes and models, ensuring your employees get the training they need. The course is offered in both English and Spanish, as well. Beat the heat and get certified!


Dallas Training

Training Location:

  • Our Dallas Location: 1617 Terre Colony Ct, Dallas TX 75212
  • Your Location

To download a PDF version of our complete 2018 training schedule for Dallas, please click here.