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Platinum II UniCarriers Forklift, Platinum II UniCarriers Lift Trucks, Platinum II UniCarriers Lift Truck

Forklift – Platinum II Series

Powered by our industrial LP, dual fuel (gas/LP), gas or diesel engines, our rugged Platinum II Internal Combustion (IC) forklift delivers greater...

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Forklift – Nomad Series

A UniCarriers exclusive, our Nomad Compact lift truck is a uniquely versatile option, ideally suited where both and indoor and outdoor lift truck...

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electric pallet jacks, electric pallet jack, pallet jack, pallet jacks

Electric Pallet Jack – WLX Series

Electric Pallet Jack

Loading and unloading trailers, in and out of coolers & freezers, up and down aisles — the WLX electric...

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Walkie Straddle Stacker – WS Series

The WS walkie straddle stacker is a compact solution for stacking in narrow aisles and/or tight, congested operating environments; for use with...

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Walkie Pallet Truck – WP Series

Typical applications for this pallet truck are manufacturing and warehousing. Flexible design allows use in various operating environments. With...

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Counterbalance Walkie Stacker – WC Series

This pallet straddle stacker is a compact solution for stacking in narrow aisles and/or tight, congested operating environments. For use with short...

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UniCarriers TX 3-Wheel Forklift

3-Wheel Forklift – TX Series

UniCarriers TX Series of three-wheel AC-powered electric trucks is a reflection of its continuing commitment to producing products of the highest...

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Tow Tractor – TGX Series

Versatile solution in rider applications pulling cart/trailer trains and as walkie for order selection; Ideal for pharmaceutical industry needs. With...

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reach truck, reach forklift

Reach Truck – SRX Series

The UniCarriers Platinum SRX Reach Truck Series is designed and manufactured to be among the most reliable reach trucks in the market. The...

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UniCarriers SPX Center Control

Center Control Pallet Truck – SPX Series

UniCarriers offers the SPX center control pallet truck. Typical applications are for manufacturing and grocery warehouse operations. Features...

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standup forklift, stand-up forklift, standup forklifts, stand-up forklifts

Stand-Up Forklift – SCX Series

The flexibility and rugged design of UniCarriers’ Platinum SCX Series standup forklift offers the ideal solution for your busy warehouse...

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Rider Pallet Jack – RPX Series

Every detail of UniCarriers’ series of AC-powered Platinum Walkie Rider pallet trucks has been meticulously engineered to deliver consistent,...

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UniCarriers QX 4-Wheel Forklift for Sale or Rent

Electric Counterbalance Forklift – QX Series

UniCarriers’ 80 Volt QX Series delivers the muscle to keep your operation productive, with fast travel and lift speeds, extended run times and...

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Heavy Capacity Diesel Forklift – G06 Series

Our most heavy-duty pneumatic tire lift truck, the UniCarriers Platinum GO6 Series provides its users with consistently reliable performance and...

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Diesel Forklift – GO4 Series

A heavy-duty pneumatic tire lift truck, the GO4 Series from UniCarriers drives productivity higher while keeping operators comfortable and in control...

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Electric Forklift – BX Series

UniCarriers Platinum BX Series is ready to take center stage in the future of load handling operations. Powered by an AC drive motor and controller...

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narrow aisle forklift, narrow aisle forklifts, turret trucks, very narrow aisle forklift

Narrow Aisle Forklift – Flexi G4

The Flexi G4 is a narrow aisle forklift that is easy to drive, and that works in about half the aisle of a conventional forklift. The Flexi narrow...

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electric pallet jack, pallet jack

Electric Pallet Jack – WPT Series

Our 4,500lb capacity electric pallet jacks are great for facilities that frequently handle loads at ground level. The construction of these electric...

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Big Joe - S22

Walkie Stacker – S22

An easy to use and maintain truck that is a good choice for general material handling, stacking and work positioning in tight...

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Big Joe - PDS30-40

Walkie Straddle Stacker – PDS 30/40

3,000lb and 4,000lb capacity models with lift heights to 177”. An easy to use and maintain truck that is a good choice for warehouse operations and...

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Big Joe - M22

Walkie Straddle Stacker – M22

An economical choice for a variety of basic material handling needs. Features

2,200lb. capacity @ 24" load center12 volt...

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aerial man lift, scissor lift

Aerial Man Lift – J1 Joey

J1 "JOEY" Task Support Vehicle combines attributes of elevating work platforms, order pickers and tuggers in a compact and capable vehicle design....

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Big Joe - IBH

Big Joe IBH

The original in-between handling vehicle, our IBH manual straddle stacker continues to be one of our most popular models. The simple design and...

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Big Joe - E30

Electric Pallet Jack – E30

E 30 "eTRUCK" Electric Pallet Jack - Patent Pending. Our 3,000lb capacity fully electric pallet jack provides a level of economy and performance that...

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Big Joe - D40

Electric Pallet Jack – D40

D40 "Delivery Special" Electric Pallet Jack - Patents Pending. Our 4,000lb capacity electric pallet jack has been developed from the ground up to...

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Big Joe CB22

Walkie Counterbalance Stacker – CB22

AC Counterbalanced Walkie Stacker. 2,200lb capacity model. An excellent value priced alternative to a sit-down forklift....

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