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October Forklift Operator Training

Available at your location and our facility

October Dallas Forklift Training


October 12, 2018 – Friday afternoon from 12:00 to 4:30 P.M.

Have you ever saved $7,000 in just four hours? Our Forklift Operator Training class offers just that. If your employees are not certified and/or licensed operators, you may face a $7,000 fine! Our course complies with OSHA guidelines and provides your forklift operators with safety and efficiency expertise. Call (817) 781-8868 to register for the training at our Dallas location or to schedule a training at your workplace.


Dallas Training

Training Location:

  • Our Dallas Location: 1617 Terre Colony Ct, Dallas TX 75212
  • Your Location

To download a PDF version of our complete 2018 training schedule for Dallas, please click here.