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The right part at the right price for any forklift in your fleet

OEM Forklift Parts

With over $1 million worth of parts in our inventory, Sunbelt Material Handling is sure to have the forklift part you need! From UniCarriers to Komatsu to TCM, Doosan to Big Joe and beyond, we proudly offer parts for all major forklift brands. Keep your equipment running smoothly with high-quality replacement forklift parts. What’s even better than that? Our affordable prices!

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Forklift Batteries

Electric forklifts make sense for many warehouses. However, in order for your equipment to function properly, they need a power source or battery. That’s why we offer a wide array of forklift batteries and chargers. Give us a call today or fill out the form to let us know which type of industrial battery you need!

Forklift Attachments & Extensions

Depending on your inventory or lifting needs, you may need certain forklift attachments, sometimes called forklift extensions. We’re proud to offer many high quality, OSHA certified forklift attachments, forklift accessories and more. This can include forklift forks and other material handling extensions. Contact us today and we’ll help you decide which forklift attachment is perfect for your next job!

Forklift Tires

As with any motorized vehicle, forklift tires are very important and crucial for success. Sunbelt’s inventory contains both cushion and pneumatic forklift tires. Cushion tires are usually used indoors while pneumatic tires are ideal for outdoor applications that present rough terrain for your equipment. As with any other part, we’re glad to assist you in selecting your next forklift tires!

Forklift Parts Paint

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