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Narrow Aisle Forklift – Flexi G4

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Product Description

The Flexi G4 is a narrow aisle forklift that is easy to drive, and that works in about half the aisle of a conventional forklift. The Flexi narrow aisle forklift is designed to operate in an aisle as narrow as 3’ plus the depth of the pallet. It is capable of picking both sides of the aisle from either direction and can actually leave the aisle to unload trucks at the dock.


  • Works in Very Narrow Aisles
  • Lifts Heights of up to 374”
  • Loads like a Counterbalance Forklift.
  • Operator Friendly Ergonomics
  • 30-50% Decrease in Aisle Size
  • Increases Cubic Utilization of Existing Space
  • 3 Year/ 3,000 Hour Warranty
  • Front Wheel Drive System
  • Fully Adjustable Lumbar Supported Seat
  • Combination of a Clear Wide Vision Mast and Overhead Guard