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The Importance of Regular Forklift Service

When it comes to your business, it is a primary responsibility of yours to ensure all factors, that should push you the way of success, are doing just that. You need to be sure that your facilities and staff are trained, inspected, and prepared for whatever working environment you are going to expose them to. Just as important, in the interest of your businesses success, is making sure the tools they will be using are in operational working condition. Faults with your tools can lead to work delays, unsatisfactory production, and even safety concerns. One piece of machinery it is crucial to keep regular service on, whether you have only one or many, are your fleet of forklifts. Let’s take a look at overlooked forklift service benefits and what you can do to make sure yours are in top working condition.

When looking at the full scope of forklift incidents, many can be avoided with proper training, proper environment, Importance of Regular Forklift Serviceand ensuring you have the right forklift for your job. However, sometimes, despite ensuring all influencing factors about your forklifts and forklifts operators are functioning to the best of their abilities, issues can arise. These issues are a result of the continual wear-and-tear that the forklift(s) encounters. If not properly serviced, these issues can have gigantic repercussions. Imagine transporting a full load on a forklift and the brakes don’t work, causing you to run into a storage rack? Like in the video to the right, this is something you never want to see happen.

Some of the most common forms of forklift wear that need to be serviced can include:

  • Lift and tilt cylinders
  • Brake system
  • Steel axle
  • Fluid leaks
  • Tire wear and condition

Each of these are issues that slowly build over time and can be difficult to spot initially. However, if you wait until it’s too late to address, you could end up paying much more than the service correction may have cost.

What is your best action against waiting until it is too late with correcting some of these errors? Setting up a year-round maintenance schedule for your forklifts. This is a benefit regardless of if you have only 1 forklift or dozens. If you are renting a forklift, be sure to see if a service program is available with the rental. The best forklift service providers offer programs in various intervals, including monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly. Knowing that your forklifts are going to be inspected and serviced by professionals on a regular basis can give you one less thing to worry about when interacting with the day-to-day dealings of your business. Being able to rely on a trusted service team is also a great advantage, especially if you have multiple forklifts. Reason being that your service company can, in addition to spotting and correcting forklift problems, alert you to trends that may be caused by factors beyond wear-and-tear. This could include problems with your warehouse facility or operators that are causing similar issues amongst your forklifts. One of your best bets when looking for a quality forklift service provider and partner is to contact Sunbelt Material Handling.

MHEDA MVP Sunbelt Industrial TrucksSunbelt Material Handling has succeeded to rent, sell, and service top-of-the-line forklifts for over 30 years. One of the ways they ensure their quality product is by staffing knowledgeable and skilled employees who can determine and correct any issues a forklift might have. This also speaks to their great customer service, which sets the industry standard, contributing to Sunbelt having been named a MHEDA MVP for the past 5 years. This distinction is given to companies who demonstrate a commitment to business excellence.

Additionally, Sunbelt Material Handling offers on-site service, for when problems arise outside the time window of a scheduled service visit. These calls can cover anything from a minor leak to a major component failure. For a service call, simply let Sunbelt know which forklift is having which error, and they can dispatch a GPS-enabled service van to your location within a few hours. Hast is the goal with these service calls because Sunbelt understands when your forklift equipment is not operating, it costs you money.

Losing money is never something someone wants to see their company do, so anything they can do to prevent that, they will. Do the same for yourself by addressing forklift issues before they happen and set up a service program with a trusted forklift company. After establishing that service program and building rapport, you’ll feel comfortable and confident in reaching out to Sunbelt Material Handling at a moment’s notice when one of your forklifts go down. Short fixes, long service programs, complete overhauls, rentals, and sales; help reduce your need to worry about your forklifts by teaming up with a full-service forklift supplier.