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Buying a Used Forklift Over New

New vs Used

You may not have the need or the resources to purchase a brand new forklift. And that’s okay. Whether it be new or used, there are leasing and financing options that fit your needs.

Purchasing a forklift is like buying any other big-investment item. It requires a lot of research and even discussions with a professional sales person to ensure you are getting the best product to meet your needs while also meeting your budget and timeline.

Think of the search for a forklift like buying a car. I bet you’d love to buy new. But some constraints might not make that the best option. Remember, when you know you need a forklift, there is no substitute. So the question remains: is it okay to buy used instead? Buying used forklifts can offer a number of benefits over new. Here are some of the most popular reasons we hear from customers at Sunbelt.

Cost Savings

Start your search by finding the best forklift to meet you needs. Take into account the fuel preference, the capacity, the lift height and attachments that could make your forklift more productive and safer. And then work with a professional salesperson to help you find the best-used option for your particular application and budget. Probably most important is whether your application is a new or used forklift application. One rule of thumb is that if your usage is 3-4 hours per day or more, a new forklift may be the better option.

The initial investment in a new forklift can run anywhere from $20,000 and up. Pricing is influenced by the capacity, make, model, year, specs and more. The initial investment in a used forklift may be easier for your budget requirements.

When investing in used, customers can usually find a unit from Sunbelt that fits their budget. And remember used forklifts can be leased or financed to meet cash flow requirements as well. Beware of used equipment that is priced so low it seems too good to be true, because it usually is.

You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Quality

A common misconception is that the word “used” (pre-owned) is synonymous with subpar or unsatisfactory equipment. This unfair labeling sheds bad light on used products – and not just forklifts. At Sunbelt, we only sell used equipment that we can confidently warranty as a quality product.

There are a few ways to combat this belief. One way is through research. Do you need a straddle stacker, a walkie, a pallet truck, an order picker, a 3-wheel forklift, a 4-wheel, LPG or electric, etc? Choose the one that is most suited for your application. Most importantly, ask a Sunbelt professional to visit your facility and see the application in person. It is difficult to make suggestions without seeing the application and understanding the customers’ needs.

Also, be sure to research the seller. As an authorized forklift dealer, Sunbelt ensures that our products will be thoroughly inspected, safe and workable. Sunbelt has qualified and factory-trained technicians on staff.

Going through these steps will ensure you’re not only getting a good value, but also a quality forklift. This way, the large upfront savings of buying used isn’t offset by constant repairs and maintenance work in the short-term. The purpose of the Sunbelt warranty is to ensure that you are receiving the equipment that you thought you were and also to ensure that Sunbelt is delivering the quality equipment we are committed to. Often, even in quality used equipment, some component may fail after the unit is put into service. Sunbelt wants to provide our customers with a strong warranty so they confidently invest in used equipment without any expensive surprises.



Other Factors

There are a few other factors to consider when the decision has been made to purchase a used forklift over a new one. Many of the same factors you look for in a used car should be applied. These factors are:

  • Age: Keep in mind that older models will have higher mileage/hours and will have been put through some rigorous work over the years. You will pay less for older vehicles, but buyer beware.
  • History: Check the history of the machine you are looking to purchase. The application and the environment the machine was used in can affect its lifespan.
  • Condition: You definitely want to check all moving parts of the machine to make sure there are deficiencies. Check the engine and tires. And review the body too.

Investing in a used forklift does not equate to cheapness. In fact, it can be a sound business decision, especially when a company decides to reinvest those saved dollars wisely.

At Sunbelt Material Handling, we run our equipment through a rigorous 100+ point checklist with certified technicians to ensure quality of our used trucks before delivering these units to our customers. If you have questions about our used products, let us know. We normally have more than 100 forklifts in our used inventory and can offer models to fit most budgets!