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Dallas Forklift Operator Training

Available at your location and our facility

OSHA Compliant Operator Safety Training


OSHA forklift training and certification classes are available at our location or your facility.

OSHA Says:

  • All forklift operators must be trained
  • It is the employer’s responsibility
  • Record keeping and documentation are mandatory
  • All certification training must be site and equipment specific
  • Non-compliance can result in a fine of up to $7,000!

Sunbelt’s Solution:

  • Train both individuals and groups of any size on all models
  • Hold regularly scheduled classes in English and Spanish
  • Lower your insurance costs
  • Minimize accidents and injuries
  • Reduce liability and costly litigation
  • Increase productivity and efficiency


OSHA 2018 Forklift Operator Certification Training Schedule for Dallas, TX

Sunbelt Material Handling will be offering Forklift Operator Safety Training programs at our corporate headquarters in Dallas. This program is designed to help you comply with existing and upcoming regulations for forklift, scissor lift, and boom lift operations. Documentation of course performance and attendance are supplied for your records. Completion certificates and licenses are supplied for your distribution upon completion of hands-on evaluation at your facility. This program is also available in Spanish. Classes will be held once a month on a Friday afternoon from 12:00 to 4:30 P.M. The forklift certification investment is $75 per person and classroom space is limited. To secure space for your operators and start down the road to compliance*, please fax or phone in your registration at: Attn.: Jody Harris. Confirmation of your reservations will be made. Payment must be made via open account (PO#), or in advance by credit cards or check.

Scheduled Dates:

Forklift Training Location:

  • Our Dallas Location: 1617 Terre Colony Ct, Dallas TX 75212
  • Your Location

*Re-certification is required after three (3) years to maintain compliance with O.S.H.A. regulations, cost of test is $75.00 per person. Pre-registration is required. Additional training programs are available to meet specific needs. We will help you set up your supervisory program for your operators. Training is also available for groups at your location, with a $25.00 one-time class charge. Please call Jody Harris for details (817) 781-8868 or fax (817) 446-3881. We look forward to the opportunity to help you with the safety at your facility and to future opportunities * To download a PDF version of our 2018 training schedule for Dallas, please click here.