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When Do You Need Forklift Service? 5 Tips!

Forklifts and industrial lift trucks are powerful machines that bring productivity and efficiency to any warehouse or facility. They simply achieve tasks that humans alone cannot perform. As a result, warehouse managers and facility owners must take great care of their forklifts. Forklifts should be treated as any other investment – you don’t waste money on anything else; why forklifts?!

Forklift service and repair can keep your machines running smoothly. This will save you money by not having to purchase either replacement parts, or in some cases, new forklifts altogether! Don’t let your forklifts go to waste and schedule an industrial truck service appointment when you notice these five signs:

Safety Issues

ANY time a forklift either creates or is involved with a safety issue in your warehouse, it is time to schedule forklift service. Your company is a greater risk of losing an extreme amount of money if your forklift malfunctions again. How?

OSHA – OSHA will implement severe fines if no action is taken following an equipment safety issue. The fine amount depends on your previous interactions with OSHA.

Employee Safety – If OSHA or the employee can prove negligence on your part (not properly caring for your forklift for example), you’re on the hook for any employee disability and lost wages.

Inventory Loss – Accidents are likely to injure more than employees. Think about all the inventory you have in the warehouse. Now think about how much money you’ll lose if even a small percentage of it is damaged!

There’s a reason we listed safety as the number one reason. As always, safety comes first. Don’t put your employees and inventory at risk and schedule a forklift service appointment today!

Poor Performance

There are a few tell-tale signs that your forklift is underperforming. Rather than simply blame the equipment for being old, a simple industrial truck service repair could whip your forklift into shape. Again, would you rather spend a small sum of money on a quick forklift repair, or keep waiting until it’s time for a new forklift?

Maneuverability – It’s quite obvious that the handling of a forklift is one of the top concerns in a warehouse, especially in crowded, small spaces. Can your employees properly maneuver the forklift where it needs to go? Be sure to check the steering and be on the lookout for unnecessary skidding.

Power – Can your forklift lift as much as it used to? Are you taking more trips to carry material throughout the warehouse? A forklift service repair can identify power issues and a quick fix can bring those former levels of productivity back to you – saving time and money!

Speed – Efficiency can also save you time and money. While all safety precautions should ALWAYS be followed, forklifts are machines that are meant to, well, go! Resulting tuneups from an industrial truck service appointment can bring increased speed to your machine that allows you to get jobs done quicker.

Odd Sounds & Smells

What is that smell? Odds are, it’s not something you can just ignore. Certified technicians have years of experience with forklifts. They’ve seen it all and smelled it all. A quick forklift service can identify what’s causing those smells and ensure your warehouse is safe.

Interesting sounds coming from your forklift should be treated the same way. Grinding, cracking, screeching noises are not normal and should be checked as soon as possible.

Leaks or Cracks

Think about your car. If something was leaking for your car, would you completely ignore it? Would you let your spouse, children, or pets anywhere near that spillage?

Then why do you let your employees work in a warehouse while your forklift is leaking? Why do you let your employees operate machinery that is cracked?

Even electric forklifts, which don’t consume gas, have fluids inside for high performance. Lubricants, hydraulic fluids and more all have the possibility of exiting the forklift. Many times, these liquids are unsafe to inhale or consume. Not to mention the fact that liquids make the floor slippery, increasing the chance of an accident.

It’s Time!

Hopefully, you are saying to yourself right now: “I haven’t seen any of those issues.” That’s great and probably a result of well-maintained equipment.

But you’re not done!

Like your car or any other industrial equipment, forklifts should be regularly maintained. OSHA requires industrial lift trucks to be inspected and tested every so often. Be sure to check your equipment and find the regulations.

These scheduled maintenance appointments may seem like a waste of time, but in the long run are anything but a waste.